US Launch at SAGES 2016

March 13, 2016

MST Medical Surgery Technologies is heading for SAGES 2016 Annual Meeting to make its US market launch, and is positioned to be a game changer in the robotic surgical suite.

The company will be presenting AutoLap™, the only image-guided laparoscope positioning system. Powered by MST’s image-analysis software, AutoLap™ interacts with the surgeon’s movements and gestures, guiding the robotic laparoscope positioner in real time, offering the surgeon full and natural control of the surgical procedure.

AutoLap™ offers a variety of modes for surgeon interaction with the system which the surgeon can choose from according to the task at hand. The image-guided system interacts with the surgeon using a virtual screen overlay interface and disposable wireless user interface allowing the surgeon’s full control and seamless movement of the laparoscope to follow the surgical instrument’s movements within the surgical cavity.

The system eliminates some of the most significant challenges of current surgical robotic systems that rely upon the surgeon’s control of the laparoscope, including: physical separation of the surgeon and patient; indirect camera view; and indirect manipulation of remote site.

“MST is building advanced image-based software for the robotic surgical suite to enhance surgical performance and workflow. At SAGES we look forward to presenting the AutoLap™ for the US market,” says CEO Motti Frimer. “We will also be talking with key opinion leaders about future applications for the algorithmic architecture that MST is designing to provide intelligent scene cognition™ capabilities for autonomous powering of medical robots and computer-assisted surgery systems.”

Contact us to set up a meeting with the MST team at Booth 1201 and see the new AutoLap™ user experience.

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