MST Wins Recognition and Award in China

December 20, 2017

Press Release

MST Medical Surgery Technologies, an Israeli company that has developed breakthrough technology in the field of real-time surgical image analytics, has been recognized by representatives of China’s foremost medical industry stakeholders for its innovation and value to China’s health system. The company championed over an initial line-up of over 120 medical device companies in a competition co-sponsored by Nantong National High-tech Industrial Development Zone and CimiComp. As first place winner, MST was awarded $1M, and expects this opportunity to reinforce engagement in the Chinese surgical technologies market.

The top 8 companies were selected by CimiComp and its strategic partner CCTMIS (China Clinical Translational Medicine Industry Society – a branch of China’s National Association of Health Industry and Enterprise Management; CCTMIS is a federal level platform connecting leading players in China’s healthcare system; its members include over 2,000 hospitals, 1,200 physicians, 1,000 distributors 90 manufacturers and over 100 investors).

The 25 competition judges included representatives of China’s Ministry of Health, Chinese medical device associations and Chinese medical professionals. Attending the event were over 200 investors, medical professionals, key opinion leaders, manufacturers and distributors.

MST presentation at CimiComp-Nantong ChinaMotti Frimer, CEO of MST, said: “The journey to winning this award in Nantong and gaining the recognition of so many leaders in China’s health industry has been exciting, enabling us to learn more about how we can contribute to China’s surgical innovation. We look forward to developing our relationships with industry leaders to make headway in Chinese healthcare.”

Oren Rasooli, CEO of CimiComp: “I am thrilled to be continuing cooperation between CimiComp, CCTMIS and MST, a company that is repeatedly proving to be an eye-catcher for Chinese investors and medical health organizations.”

The final event was held at the Nantong National High-tech Industrial Development Zone, which is one of China’s most promising centers of high-tech development that also hosts international innovators such as Intel and China’s leading car manufacturers.

Panel awards MST recognition in China

Nantong China-Industry leaders award MST recognition and prize

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