MST Medical Surgery Technologies expands IP portfolio

May 7, 2018

MST Medical Surgery Technologies, a leader in the field of surgical analytics with a core image analytics technology, continues to expand its IP portfolio with the issuance of patents by the United States Patent and Trademark Office and European Patent Office that cover MST’s innovative technology designed to empower robotic surgical instruments. US Patents 9,204,939; 9,504,456; 9,757,204; 9,757,206; and 9,937,013; and European Patent 2946733, all titled “Device and Method for Assisting Laparoscopic Surgery – Rule Based Approach”, are incorporated in MST’s comprehensive portfolio of intellectual property, bringing it up to 32 issued patents, as well as 42 pending patent applications.

MST’s patent portfolio positions the company with a compelling core technology designed to empower surgical robotic tools. The technology is a software-based information platform powered by advanced visualization, scene recognition, and data analytics, providing a basis for more advanced robotic and analytics capabilities in the surgical environment.

“Our robust IP portfolio is a key element in strengthening our position as a market leader in image-based intelligence and analytics capabilities for empowering the present and future of surgical technology,” said Motti Frimer, CEO.

MST is currently commercializing AutoLap™, the first image-guided robotic laparoscope positioning system, which interacts with the surgeon’s movements in the surgical cavity, guiding the robotic laparoscope positioner in real time to provide the surgeon with full and natural control of the surgical procedure and an optimal field of view.  The AutoLap robotic system is being used on a daily basis in hospitals in the US, Europe and Asia and is being praised for its facilitation of improved workflow and ergonomics, optimal camera placement and stability.

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