AutoLap: Enabler for solo surgery

April 24, 2018

Robotic vs. Human Camera Assistance (I)

The AutoLap™ robotic system is an enabler for solo surgery for both simple and complex operations, concludes a new study that was presented at NVEC 2018 (Dutch Association for Endoscopic Surgery) in Amsterdam.

A randomized controlled trial to reduce staff in a range of general surgery procedures by using the AutoLap system concluded that it can be done in 98 percent of the cases.

The results of this trial in the Netherlands were presented at the Health Valley Event 2018 and at NVEC 2018 (Dutch Association for Endoscopic Surgery) in Amsterdam.

100 procedures were included in the trial, with a total of 50 procedures that were performed with the image-guided robotic AutoLap laparoscope positioning system and 50 with human camera assistance. The study concluded that for 49 out of 50 AutoLap procedures –whether simple or complex – one less person was required on the surgical team and the procedures can be carried out independently (with two people instead of three). The same staff reduction was not possible in any of the 50 procedures with human camera assistance.

“In 98 percent of the cases using AutoLap, we were able to perform solo surgery, with one less member of staff, as the robotic laparoscope positioning system took steady and precise control of the camera,” explained Drs. Paul Wijsman, surgical researcher at Meander Medisch Centrum in the Netherlands.

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