About us


Investors: SCP Vitalife
SCP Vitalife is a venture capital firm that focuses on life science investments in the US and Israel. The firm invests in companies with breakthrough products that meet a current medical need and have strong intellectual property.


Investors: TriVentures
TriVentures is an Israeli based venture capital fund specializing in medical device and healthcare technology investments. The fund leverages close relationships with key opinion leaders and strategic partners to identify, innovate and transition new medical device technologies to industry players for the benefit of patients, physicians and healthcare payers.


Investors: Agate
AGATE MAC LP is part of the Agate family of funds specialized in providing growth capital to mature MedTech companies. Agate, as one of Israel’s leading healthcare investors, has established a leading position in the healthcare VC industry, resulting in quality deal-flow and investor partnerships.


Investors: JIC Jacobs Investment Company
Jacobs Investment Company LLC (JIC) has invested over sixty million dollars in partnership with several developers in projects ranging from government services, residential, commercial as well as in technology companies in various stages. Mr. Gary Jacobs, JIC’s managing director serves as Chairman of the Board of NGT, a technological incubator located in Nazareth Israel, which was the initial investor in MST.


Investors: OurCrowd
OurCrowd is an equity-based crowdfunding platform, built exclusively for a select group of accredited investors to provide venture capital funding for Israeli (and later global) venture capital start-ups.


Investors: Haisco
Haisco Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd. is a publicly listed company (Shenzhen Stock Exchange) focusing on marketing and sales of internally-developed therapeutic drugs. Haisco ranks third in size in China’s chemical pharmaceutical industry. The company’s products are sold to more than 3,000 hospitals throughout China with annual sales of over US$800 million.