Surgical Quality Analytics

Analytics system that will significantly increase efficiency and cost effectiveness in the operating room and facilitate meeting quality metrics

MST’s core image-based data analytics technology is being applied to fields beyond surgical robotics. The company is currently expanding its product offering into the growing field of healthcare analytics.

Presently under development is SQA – Surgical Quality Analytics, an advanced software-based data analytics system for objective, real-time feedback of minimally invasive surgical quality and surgical workflow efficiency. SQA is based on image analysis of video captured from surgical imaging systems currently available in the operating room, from third-party data such as hospital databases (server and cloud), and from additional sources such as surgical guidelines.

SQA captures images from actual surgical procedures performed by surgeons. The system uses its core proprietary analysis algorithms to analyze the video images and to evaluate the surgical tasks. The resultant feedback is then transmitted to the video monitor as an overlay providing analysis and metrics per surgical procedure.

Surgical Quality Analytics

The SQA feedback process will be conducted seamlessly obviating the need for dedicated sessions and manpower. Highly objective metrics will be based on clinically relevant surgical tasks. Providers and surgeons will benefit from more effective surgical training, more efficient institutional certification processes and more accurate evaluations. The system will also allow payers to gain better control over the quality of care in hospitals.

  • Cost effective and fully objective assessment system ensuring high surgeon compliance
  • Increase patient safety through performance standardization
  • Encourage use of complex surgical procedures through better training

The market for surgical analytics is driven by the need for cost control and meeting quality metrics. The significant need and market potential has led to other companies entering this market with lower functionality solutions.


MST’s Surgical Quality Analytics is currently under development and is not cleared for sale in any market.