How It Works

AutoLap™ is driven by MST’s advanced image analysis software platform, offering surgeons full and natural control of the surgical procedure and an optimal field of view.

The image-guided system interacts with the surgeon by way of a virtual screen overlay interface and a wireless control unit.

The control unit is worn on the surgeon’s finger or attached to a surgical tool. In advanced Follow Me™ and Go-To™ modes, AutoLap™ virtually tags surgical tools within the surgical cavity with the press of a button. Once tagged, the AutoLap™ robotic arm will follow the movements of the surgical tool seamlessly guiding the laparoscope to the desired position thereby maintaining an optimal field of view on the video monitor. The surgeon maintains full command of the system’s operation by engaging and disengaging the system using the finger or tool-based wireless control unit.

Advanced software also offers additional features, designed to optimize the field of view and minimize user interaction during surgery.

  • Automatic zoom correction
  • Camera horizon correction
  • Tissue collision warning


AutoLap™ Modes of Use

Select alternative modes to use the system with ease and comfort
through different stages of a procedure.

Follow Me. Allows the surgeon to virtually tag one of the surgical tools, so that the robotic arm guides the laparoscope to continuously follow that too.

Go-To. The surgeon virtually tags the required position for the camera using the tip of the surgical tool as viewed on the monitor. The robotic arm guides the laparoscope to the tagged point along an optimal trajectory.

 MST Medical Surgery Technologies AutoLap Manual ModeManual Mode. Allows direct manual control of the robotic arm. This allows surgeons to perform wide scanning of the cavity, often performed at the start and/or end of the procedure.


Joystick Mode. Allows for control of the robotic arm using the wireless control unit. This enables surgeons to control discrete or small laparoscope movements.

 MST Medical Surgery Technologies AutoLap Joystick Mode-Tool  MST Medical Surgery Technologies AutoLap Joystick Mode-Ring