AutoLap™ offers significant benefits for surgeons, healthcare providers and market players.

Discover the Benefits of AutoLap™

For surgeons, AutoLap™ offers full and natural control of the surgical procedure allowing them to fully focus on the surgical procedure with minimal interaction with the system.

Healthcare providers such as hospitals and ambulatory surgical centers are offered economic and operational benefits through more efficient surgical workflow in the OR, optimized staffing, improved procedure scheduling and improved physical work conditions for the staff. With AutoLap™, providers can offer their patients affordable, cutting-edge robotic surgical technology, thereby driving revenues.

AutoLap™ provides a dynamic solution that integrates with existing OR equipment. The system can support the stability required by advanced HD and 3D imaging, allowing providers to maximize the full potential of their investments in such systems.

The small footprint and cost-effective AutoLap™ can be easily and quickly integrated with existing surgical tools, OR beds and imaging systems. Its versatility, together with a very short learning curve, allows seamless operating room integration.

Clinical Perspective

AutoLap™ eliminates the key challenge of laparoscopic surgery – poor image quality due to assistant fatigue and hand tremors as well as the need for the surgeon to coordinate movements with a surgical assistant.  AutoLap™ provides the surgeon with full and natural control of the surgical procedure and optimizes the operative field of view.

  • Guides the laparoscope by following the surgeon’s movements in real-time
  • Provides a stable image and optimized field of view
  • Smart Zoom maintains field of view centering when zooming in
  • Tissue collision alert minimizes scope removal and cleaning
  • Facilitates improved ergonomics for the surgeon at the operating bed
  • Allows teaching surgeon to focus on resident’s performance rather than holding the laparoscope 

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Operational, Strategic & Economic Benefits

AutoLap™ enables optimization of a medical center’s most important asset – OR staff.

  • Facilitates optimization of staff resources and improved OR scheduling
  • Integrates with existing OR equipment
  • Simple and quick setup
  • Enables robot-assisted surgery for most laparoscopic procedures
  • Allows procedures to be performed off-hours
  • May add incremental procedures with current resources
  • Desirable technology improves surgeon satisfaction; attracts and retains surgeons and staff
  • Differentiates the facility
  • Potential to provide a rapid positive contribution margin